About Me


Welcome all,

My name is Shane Hannon and I am a graduate of English and History from University College Dublin (UCD). I have varying interests that I hope will be reflected in my respective blogs and through my writing in general.

I have always been an avid sportsman and I don’t discriminate – I watch and play football, and have been a fan of Manchester United for as long as I can remember. Being from Monaghan, Gaelic football was ingrained in me from an early age, but I will also periodically tune into late-night American Football (merely an excuse not to go to bed), rugby (any sport that has a ‘hooker’ as an actual position has piqued my interest) and watching Netflix (that’s a sport, okay?)

I have no qualms in admitting the fact that I am a huge space geek and can often be found staring at the night sky contemplating our place in the universe. At the tender age of 19 I took a chance and flew over to Birmingham alone, recorder in hand, in an attempt to speak with the legendary Apollo XI astronaut and the second man to walk on the Moon, Dr. Buzz Aldrin. My youthful innocence and natural charm led to a twenty-minute interview with the man himself, and I have since conducted interviews with many Apollo-era astronauts (including half of the twelve Americans who set foot on our celestial neighbour between 1969 and 1972.)

I have always harboured a keen interest in news and current affairs and enjoy reading and writing when I take the notion. I am a former Sports Editor of UCD’s award-winning student newspaper The University Observer and have also been the co-editor of its Arts and Culture supplement magazine, Otwo. I also have a Diploma in Radio Production under my belt from the Today FM School of Radio and Independent College Dublin and would love to get involved in the medium in some form in the future.

What else do I enjoy? Travelling, food and the smell of petrol and freshly-cut summer grass. Oh, and when the Dublin Bus drivers are really sound.

That sums me up quite well – this blog will consist of an amalgamation of my published print articles, as well as random ramblings on whatever topic is on my mind. From interviews with actors, politicians, sportspeople and astronauts to film reviews and opinion pieces on whatever is relevant in the world, I really hope you enjoy your time on my site. All feedback and comments are most encouraged.

To infinity and beyond,


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